We Are Now a Proud Member of Certass!

We are delighted to announce that we are now fully-fledged members of Certass, giving our customers even more peace of mind.

What is Certass?

Certass is a UKAS-accredited certification body authorised by the Government since 2006. This accreditation ensures that Certass certifies its members impartially against agreed standards, providing confidence to consumers, the Government, as well as the industry.

100% of Certass members are vetted and certified.

Why Does Being a Certass Member Matter?

Guaranteed Standards

Becoming a member of Certass means that our work is held to a guaranteed standard. This official recognition ensures that our services meet high-quality benchmarks, giving you the confidence that your home improvement project is in capable hands.

Insurance-Backed Guarantees

As a Certass member, we now offer an official insurance-backed guarantee. This means that if anything goes wrong, the insurance companies are guaranteed to pay out, giving you increased confidence in our products and services. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected, no matter what.

Deposit Protection Insurance

In addition to the insurance-backed guarantee, we can now provide deposit protection insurance. This extra layer of security ensures that your deposit is safe, giving you added peace of mind as your project progresses.

Certass Trust Mark Workmanship Scheme

Certass also offers the TrustMark workmanship scheme, allowing us to self-certify that our work meets rigorous workmanship standards and codes of practice. This Government-endorsed scheme gives a quality mark that assures homeowners of the high standards they can expect from our services.

What This Means for Our Customers

  • Certified Quality: Assurance that our work meets industry standards.
  • Insurance-Backed Guarantees: Protection against any unforeseen issues.
  • Deposit Protection: Safeguarding your investment from the outset.
  • TrustMark Certification: Confidence in choosing us for your home improvement needs.

To find out more about Certass certification and what it means for you as a customer go to: https://www.certass.co.uk/certass-trustmark/