How do we work alongside Architects?

The team at Brookeswood work effectively and efficiently alongside architects on new builds, renovations, and extensions. We pride ourselves on having open and collaborative relationships which are essential to the joinery phase being carried out smoothly.

Architects and joiners need to work together during the design phase to incorporate custom joinery elements into the overall design of a space or structure.  It’s important to discuss feasibility of ideas, recommend the right materials and ensure the product fits the brief and is fit for purpose.

  1. Customisation – Joinery allows for a high level of customisation, enabling architects to create unique and tailored solutions for their projects. We work closely with architects to develop bespoke furniture, staircases, windows, and other architectural features that complement a design concept and meet the client’s needs.
  2. Technical Expertise – As Joinery professionals we bring technical expertise in timber, construction design, and craftsmanship to a project. We can advise architects on the feasibility of design ideas, recommend appropriate materials, and provide input on construction methods to ensure the integrity and durability of joinery elements.
  3. Quality Control – Throughout the construction process we work together to maintain quality control and ensure that joinery elements are fabricated and installed according to the approved design and specifications. This may involve site visits, inspections, and coordination with other trades to integrate joinery seamlessly into the overall project.
  4. Collaborative Problem-Solving – Occasionally, challenges or unexpected issues may arise during the installation of joinery elements or overall design. We’ll collaborate to find creative solutions, address any design or construction discrepancies, and ensure that the result meets the client’s expectations.
  5. Planning support – We offer advice and support with the planning application process. This is particularly tricky for conservation or listed properties and the role we can play can provide a different approach when needed.

By working together closely and leveraging each other’s expertise, we can create help create the vision needed for projects and deliver the end result for the client.

If you’re an architect looking to work with a joinery business with years of experience then get in touch.

We’re here to help and support every project.