What does a ‘like for like’ quote actually mean?

We’re always happy to provide a like for like quote.  We know how important this is when planning renovations, a new build or an extension, to ensure you have the best price for the right products and work to be carried out.

But what if there are stark differences in quotes received?  Does that indicate a difference in quality or specification details?

A “like for like” quote, typically refers to a quotation provided by one supplier, that is directly comparable to a quotation provided by another supplier. This comparison ensures that both suppliers are quoting, for the same products, services, and specifications, allowing for a fair evaluation of the offerings and pricing.

For example, if you’re obtaining quotes, for casement windows; the type of wood, design of window, paint finish and any fixtures and fittings, will have a significant impact, on the prices quoted. When you’re looking to compare different quotes, from alternative suppliers, supplying the same detail of work required, for the project, is paramount, for them to offer, a ‘like for like’ quote. They can then be compared and matched, on the same basis. Making sure each supplier is aware, of the full scope of work required, will ensure that your quotes are comparable, with similar offerings, in terms of quality, quantity, specifications, and any other relevant factors. This helps, in making informed decisions and avoiding discrepancies, in the evaluation process.

Some factors in products, materials or installation comparisons to consider are:

  • The type of timber material, are the quotes in hardwood, softwood or Accoya?
  • What type of glazing configuration is used, double or triple glazing, bearing in mind, additional factors, such as the thickness, low emissivity coating and spacer bar type?
  • Hardware Options; Are multipoint espagnelette locks used? or, Cockspur handles, locks and peg stays.
  • The type of construction of a door, is the quote based on a standard 45mm door, or a more substantial, 60mm thick door, which incorporates an insulated panelled door.
  • Is the outside colour, different to the inside colour, known as Split colour, or is finish the same? Split colour generally has a higher labour usage, which affects the pricing.
  • Perhaps one quote may have a Bespoke glass design and the other quote, may include for standard clear glazing.
  • Are the Sash Windows, based on a spiral balance mechanism, or a traditional lead weights, pulleys and cords system?
  • Whether the installation is included for, or, if it’s a supply-only basis, or even collection may be noted on the quote.
  • Are the products handcrafted by skilled joiners, or, do they come off a machine/CNC production line?
  • One of the most important factors is… Whether the products are Made in Britain, or imported from abroad, are there any references to UK manufacturing facilities on the quotes or websites?

So, if you’ve received a quote from us, that’s different to another you’ve received, have a chat with us, so we can show you the difference in quality and detail. Quite often, if the pricing is substantially different, then the quote is not like-for-like. It is always worth further conversations, with any supplier ,to make sure that the specification, is the same as the other quotes, you’re comparing against.

We pride ourselves on being transparent, and we’ll always do our very best, to price match on a like-for-like comparison. Our beautiful, handcrafted staircases, windows and doors are perfect for your next project, and we would love to be a part of it.

Ready to discuss?  Let’s chat.