Why does every conservation property need a different approach?

We have worked with many conservation properties over the years, and this has given us a wide variety of experience and has allowed us to apply our expertise in the very best way.   Conservation properties require a different approach when it comes to any renovation work and often require different approaches when it comes to joinery projects, and this is due to several factors.

  1. Historical Context.  Conservation properties often have a unique historical context to them, with architectural styles, materials, and construction techniques that vary depending on the time period and cultural influences.  Joinery methods used in different historical periods can vary significantly, so it’s important to use techniques that are appropriate for the specific era of the building.
  2. Preservation Goals. The primary objective of conservation is often to preserve the authenticity and historical significance of the property. Joinery methods must be chosen carefully to minimise the impact on the original fabric of the building while addressing structural issues and ensuring compatibility with existing elements.
  3. Condition and Age. Older conservation properties may have undergone various alterations, repairs, or modifications over time, leading to a mix of original and later additions. Joinery approaches need to consider the condition and age of different components, as well as any previous interventions, to ensure cohesive integration and conservation of the building’s character.
  4. Regulatory Requirements.  Conservation projects are subject to very strict and regulations and guidelines aimed at preserving cultural heritage and architectural authenticity. Joinery methods must comply with these requirements, which may vary depending on the specific designation or classification of the property.
  5. Craftsmanship and Skills. Traditional joinery techniques often require specialised skills and craftsmanship that may be less commonly practised in modern construction. Conservation projects often rely on skilled craftspeople with expertise in traditional joinery methods to ensure authenticity and quality of work carried out.

We work with planning departments local to the property, property owners and developers and architects to make the process of working with a conservation property smoother.  We take a tailored approach to every joinery project and are entirely flexible to individual requirements.  This ensures that the integrity, authenticity, and cultural significance of the property are preserved for future generations.

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